Tuesday Trend #1: Boyfriend Jeans

As the cold of winter slowly leaves those of us in the summer hemisphere, a once popular style is making a come back: the comfy and casual boyfriend jean. These jeans are slightly on the relaxed side, with pockets that sit lower at the back like men’s jeans do. These are best styled rolled up so that they sit just above the ankle, allowing ones ankles to be brought out into the open air, met by milder spring breezes. An ideal companion for your morning coffee hunt, these jeans give everyone that “stylish yet effortless” look.

The shop styles come in many variations; however, a cheaper way to pull off this trend is to buy a pair of jeans from your local Op Shop that is maybe approx. half a size to big and roll up the bottoms yourself. Another option would be to steal a pair off your boyfriend/close male friend and shrink it or adjust it h Thankfully I had a pair of old straight leg jeans in my drawers that are a size to big so these have turned out to be perfect and come without the distressed ripped look that I’m not about to pay $60 for…but hey that’s just my personal style <3.  See my collage below to gain some inspiration and ideas you may like to try. Images and links to original sources can all be found on my Tuesday Trend Pinterest page…

boyfriend jean

Until next time,

Brig x

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