Thankful Thursday #1: Dark Chocolate

Why welcome chocolate lovers…come hither and let us all be thankful for the wonderful invention of chocolate…and my favourite in particular is dark chocolate.

I must confess that I got upset when I found out that Cadbury and Wonka chocolate ranges at my local supermarket now contain gluten 😦 😦

HOWEVER! The wonderful people at Whittaker’s have created their chocolate free from gluten and their dark chocolate is even milk free…so lactose-free, dairy-free and vegan friendly…bless their lil’ chocolate blocks! They’ve also been recently voted New Zealand’s most trusted brand and most iconic brand…so I reckon I’ve picked a real winner for this week’s Thankful Thursday.

Oh, and check out this Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter recipe…yummy! Two of my favourite foods combined!


Chocolate is one of those wonderful treats that can make my day and many people you probably know also…so let’s share the chocolate love and let’s all be thankful this Thursday 🙂

Brig ❤

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