Hey I’m Brigid and I live in beautiful New Zealand…not far from where Hobbits hang out apparently. I have a degree in Communications majoring in Marketing and Screen & Media Studies. Currently working at a local furniture shop as a sales person and merchandising assistant on the main street of Hamilton.
I have the loveliest boyfriend, the two coolest flat-mates, and a great support network of friends and family that I am so grateful for! I love to go to the beach, drink coffee, trying out new gluten-free & low gi recipes, going to concerts and am slowly learning to play the guitar. I love shopping and trying to find beautiful new bargains that look amazing but don’t cost the world! So some of these themes may slowly make their way into this blog…who knows?!

Why blog? Well I love talking and especially about what really matters, and so I thought I’d try my hand at the writing side of things and see whether anyone wants to read/discuss/muse over any of the same things that I do. I would love to hear some feedback so comment away on my posts!

Only a couple of rules…no swearing, or trolling, or being horrible. If you don’t like my blog no one made a rule that you have to read it so don’t force yourself! there are millions of other blogs out there…

Thanks for your time & your online company,

❤ Brigid

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